With stilted conversation and lack of chemistry, Honey and Nick find themselves disappointed in their evening's disenchanting prospects. All the while, surrounding weekend warriors are relishing in the delights of a cheap local beer during a particularly full moon. Unbeknownst to these partiers, their liquid courage has been poisoned. As they turn from lighthearted and horny to the utterly undead, we see our loveless daters encounter a zombie quandry. Do they escape? Or do they become... one of THEM?!


The original score, created by Bee Elvy (Antelope, Dischord Records), spins a looming, sinister sound of horror through the short film. Other tracks that appear throughout were written and performed by local bay area artists including The Pets, Ty Segall, The Husbands, and Th’ Losing Streaks.


Pie Ironside (former celebrity and apparel industry makeup artist) and Ross Sewage of the black metal band, Impaled, were the film’s hair and zombie makeup artists.


Bad Date is a short film driven by awkward unromantic social encounters, a local beer, and an apocalyptic zombie littered mess that ensues after a night of heavy partying and petting. Written and directed by Sadie Shaw and Alison Childs, Bad Date features a slew of San Francisco music stars as cast and crew including Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy), Brian Hock (Bronze), Tracy Sawyer (The Husbands, The Lies), Nathan Burazer (Tussle), Matthew James Hartman (Sic Alps), Andee Connors (former owner of Aquarius Records), Seth Bogart (Hunx and His Punx, Gravy Train!!!), Heather Jewett (Gravy Train!!!), Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), Ross Sewage (Impaled), among others.


The film was shot on location in Port Costa County at The Burlington Hotel and Warehouse Cafe. Additional footage was filmed in McLaren Park in the outer mission district of San Francisco.


Many thanks to everyone involved who helped make this short film into a disgusting reality.

Year Produced



Writers and Directors

Sadie Shaw

Alison Childs



Bucky Fukumoto,

Sadie Shaw

Alison Childs

Bee Elvy


Original Soundtrack

Bee Elvy


Executive Producer

Cayce Lindner



Sadie Shaw

Alison Childs


Hair and Makeup

Pie Ironside

Ross Sewage


Music By

The Husbands

Ty Segall

The Pets

Th' Losing Streaks


Bad Date Logo Illustration

Rick Froberg


Filming Locations

Port Costa, CA

San Francisco, CA



Blüdvar Beer

Alison Childs

Nathan Burazer

Matthew Hartman

Brian Hock

Jesse Michaels

Stacie Rodgers

Hayyim Sanchez

Tracy Sawyer

Sadie Shaw

and many more!


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